An alleyway in a poor neighborhood in Cuernavaca. Rico and his team would have moved through here.

The old town of Taxco, with its crowded streets. It would be difficult to follow someone here.

Mariachis in the square, waiting for a commission to play.

The author at the preserved ruins at Xochicalco.

The offices of the State of Morelos, at the far end of the square. Oro filled this square with supporters when he spoke.

The Zocalo, the town square in el centro.

Cuernavaca Book Photos

photos by the author 

The view from the balcony of the ex-palacio. The wooded zócalo is on the right, and the catedral and jardín are visible at the top left.

As Mexico slipped by on his journey home, Jerry might have seen a view like this.

The café El Universal, where Scott and Ana met.

A typical cobblestone street in Tepoztlán, this one leading to the start of the path to the pyramid.

A lawyer’s office, on which the description of the office of Abogada Beltran was based.  Luz’ office was on the third floor.

The ecological park in Acapatzingo, with its fountain in the background.

The ex-hacienda of Cortes, where Scott and Ana dined.

A well preserved portion of a pyramid at Xochicalco.

A walkway in the Jardin Borda, where Raul made an exchange.

Calle 16 de Septiembre, the street where Scott ran into trouble and where the author lived

The ex-hacienda of Cortes.

The author at the top of Tepozteco, with the pyramid in the background.

Xochicalco at a distance, as Scott and Jerry would have seen it as they came to work. They’d have been there in the rainy season, when the surrounding hills would have been bright green.

The ex-palacio of Cortés, located just off of the town square.

A portion of the Borda garden.

The shrine of the desaparecidos.

The view of the town of Tepoztlán, from the top of the pyramid.

The statue of Emiliano Zapata in the square at Cuernavaca.

There really is a bar called “el Rincón”

Municipal police.....Marco ran as fast as he could to them with a precious message....

A team of the Policía Federal, looking much as Rico’s team would have looked on a particularly fateful evening in Cuernavaca...

The pyramid at Tepozteco.  Look just to the right of center.  How did they build it there?

The entrance to the Catedral, where Ana stopped briefly to pray.

The author at Xochicalco. This is as far as tourists would have gotten.

The autopista del sol, the road from Mexico City into Cuernavaca.