Rick’s presentation to Nan’s guests

Rick’s presentation to Nan’s guests

Rick signing copies of Cuernavaca for the guests.

Rick, Dr. Nan Harrington, who hosted the launch party, Isabel Flores and her friend and fellow Spanish instructor Mary Carmen.

Rick and Isa, Rick’s long suffering Spanish teacher

April 19th Book signing

On Saturday, April 19, at 6:30 PM I made a presentation about Cuernavaca to a group of more than 30 US expats at the home of Dr. Nan Harrington in Cuernavaca. It is indeed a small world, as Nan’s home is located about a block from where I lived when I attended school in Cuernavaca. It was wonderful to reunite with my friends.

Rick’s presentation to Nan’s guests

Jeannie Anderson, Director of the Encuentros language school in Cuernavaca, and Rick

Georgia Spencer, Isabel Flores, Rick, Mary Carmen, and Steve Spencer.  Years ago, when he first came to Mexico, Steve had an experience somewhat similar to Scott’s